Is technology good or bad for young children?

As a parent I grapple with both sides of the argument- Is technology good or bad for children? As a piano teacher who first started teaching 25 years ago I must say that I have possibly observed the effects of too much technology. Firstly, in a physical sense, I am constantly reminding my students that to rest the heel of the hand on the edge of the computer keyboard is acceptable, but to rest it on the edge of a piano keyboard makes it almost impossible to play well. Secondly, I believe I have observed a link between vast amounts of screen time and an inability to focus well for more than a few minutes at a time. I have taught children from families who have a limited amount of screen time and children who come from a family where screens are a constant. The difference between the two is enough to influence how much access I allow my own children to have- hardly any, and none during the school week. The article attached to this blog contained a line which resonated with me, as I have had suspicions for the last few years that the past-time of learning an instrument is competing with glamorous past-times which offer immediate results and gratification, that is computer games.

(Digital) devices seem to enchant kids like few things that have come before

I wonder if the learning of instruments will decline as children seek fast-moving images and action, rather than the gradual mastery of making sound.


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